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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 18, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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are obviously armed and that neighborhood has been cordoned off so people are not being allowed to go in to any of those backyards right now until they can clear the area. this is going on right now near the el camino real and 9th avenue in the residential area, a mountain lion sighting. they believe the cat is in the area and if they made contact with it, we'll come back to show you the live pictures. in the news room, ken bastida. back to you guys. a grieving daughter turned amateur detective. tonight she's on a mission to catch the thieves who swiped her purse full of priceless memories. the san jose woman had just come home from her mother's funeral when she realized her purse was stolen from her car. >> maria medina shows us how she did her own sleuthing to track down those thieves. >> the suspects stole the victim's credit card, used it several times including here at the 7-eleven. they also stole
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some gifts her mother had made her. the victim decided she'd try to track down the suspect and she got some surveillance video. >> it was like he took a piece of my life and what was left of my mother. >> reporter: just hours after she buried her mother, helen orzel says thieves went in to her unlocked car in her san jose driveway and stole her purse. >> i don't want the money back in the purse. >> reporter: helen doesn't care the thieves used her credit card at a nearby jack in the box and 7-eleven the next morning. what she wants are the gifts her mother made her and the wreaths she once used to play the bassoon. >> she was a really great bassoon player. >> reporter: she was just 64 when she passed away of heart failure. helen says her death was sudden. but instead of grieving helen is angry. >> it was like somebody kicked me while i was down and they knew exactly what they'd done. >> reporter: helen believes whoever stole her purse knew her mother had just died. jane's death certificate and will were
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also in the purse. >> and i just couldn't let it go that this happened. >> reporter: instead of waiting for the short staffed san jose police department to help, helen decided to do some detective work on her own. >> i e-mailed all my owners. >> reporter: and was able to get the jack in the box owner to hand over surveillance of the trio using her credit card five times in one day. we're blurring the suspects' faces because police haven't been able to look in to the case yet. but helen says they know who they are and hopes they find it in them to return what's not theirs. >> this is so the rest of my life. that this happened on that day under these circumstances. >> unfortunately the victim does not have victims of the stolen items, but she does have those pictures of the surveillance video and she's sharing it on facebook and hopes somebody recognizes those suspects. maria medina, kpix 5. >> jane orzel was a well known and respected bassoon player in
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the bay area. a few of her students went on to become professional musicians. it's been 10 days since a flight instructor vanished over the pacific in a borrowed plane. he took off on may 8th. police are tracking a wide area off the coast of watsonville where a ping from the plane was last detected. no one knows where he was headed or why. >> that's exactly right. this is a very difficult investigation for the palo alto police department as they try to figure out where this plane and pilot might be. they say the last known sighting was here at the palo alto airport. >> reporter: palo alto police say security cameras at the airport caught flight instructor mcadams boarding a plane after midnight 10 days ago. what happened to the pilot and plane after the flight remains a mystery. >> we've been looking for any sign of evidence as to what may have happened with this plane.
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we've been working with various agencies federal agencies, the military. >> reporter: he's a flight instructor since 2012. no one from the company wanted to speak on camera about his disappearance but investigators say they've tried unsuccessfully to track the plane. its last known location was 70 miles off the coast of watsonville but it's believed to have traveled as far south as mexico. >> we've not found anything significant to suggest he's in one particular location. this isn't an easy investigation because we don't have people in planes go missing all the time. >> reporter: back on the ground investigators say the trail has gone equally cold. no phone calls, social media posts or financial activity to give them any clue to where mcadams might be. detectives say they've contacted virtually every airport between palo alto and mexico looking for any sign of the missing pilot and plane. mcadams worked as a flight instructor in california and
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previously in florida. he does face potential theft charges but the police department and his family say their highest priority is simply figuring out where he might be. an extreme sports legend was one of two base jumpers who died jumping off a cliff in yosemite park. both jumped from task point wearing winged suits. search and rescue teams found their bodies on sunday morning. potter was one of the best in the world at what he did. in yosemite, his stomping grounds. he was known for daring rock climbs and of course his b.a.s.e. jumps. his dog even joined him for some of his flights. >> people think i'm a lunatic or adrenaline junkie. that's not really what's going on with me. the beauty is mostly what i'm concerned with. >> potter was the first person
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to climb all three of yosemite's big walls in a single day. a wild chase to the east bay and in the middle of it all the suspect called 911 to tell the operator he's not going back to jail. the chaotic chase ended with a crash in berkeley just before midnight last night. suspects slammed the stolen honda accord in to the suv seen here flipped on its roof. that's when the suspect took off on foot. it started in concord and got serious when the man drove head on in to traffic. a chp helicopter followed the suspect as he continued in the wrong direction on 80 in to berkeley. they couldn't track down the suspect. the driver of the suv suffered minor injuries. checking bay area headlines. a major wreck this afternoon near the 680 interchange. a truck nearly broke through the median and
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went to the other side. the cleanup backed up traffic for miles and miles. lanes have been cleared. no word on injuries. dozens of people are without water service in oakland was of a water main break. the 6-inch pipe burst this morning. crews dug up the asphalt to find the leak. water was shut off for more than 50 people while crews repaired the pipe. campbell police trying to track down this suspect. he grabbed a young girl while she was out walking her dog yesterday. police say he bear hugged the girl from behind but she screamed and fought back. his car was captured driving away on surveillance video. police say he's in his 30s asian or hispanic with a medium build. a new plan to keep the traffic moving on san francisco city streets. the city kicked off its new strategy today. it's focused on main commute routes. police will be targeting construction zones. anyone double parking and drivers who block intersections. when is the last time you heard that a major construction project in the bay area is on
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time and on budget? san francisco central subway is both. a big milestone was announced today. the entrance at 4th and harrison is finished. the final element for completing the tunneling portion of that project. so we took a little trip underground to walk the completed concrete tunnel. the central subway project has now reached the halfway point. >> it will be a critical part of solutions to transportation congestion. i think there is tremendously piqued interest to take this to fisherman's wharf. it's scheduled to open in 2019. hot on the trail of a serial package thief. >> we're watching a video of someone stealing my mail. >> a fed up neighbor grabs the camera and gets creative. >> a biker meeting ends in a blood bath.
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rival gangs beat, shoot, and stab each other in broad daylight. why major police planning couldn't stop this brawl.
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tonight nearly 200 people in a biker brawl yesterday. nine bikers dead and 18 injured. >> reporter: members from five rival motorcycle gangs are under arrest following a deadly shootout at a texas restaurant. >> they're all being charged with engaging in organized crime. >> had a call from a passerby. they were going by twin peaks. thought they heard a gunshot. saw a lot
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of people running. >> reporter: police say a parking issue sparked the fight that started inside the restaurant then spilled in to the parking lot where shots were fired. s.w.a.t. teams were in place anticipating trouble. they fired back, ending the brawl within seconds. >> i crawled back toward the freezers with right of the waitresses and other people there. it was really, really scary. >> reporter: police say they've been aware of criminal biker activity going on at twin peaks for months and they're now taking steps to prevent more trouble from happening at the restaurant. >> due the significant ongoing risk and safety issues for our citizens they are shutting twin peaks down for seven days. >> reporter: police say the gangs involved are some of the world's most dangerous including the banditos and cossacks. >> weech of the gang members is being held on $1 million bond. capital murder charges are expected. the president has signed an
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executive order restricting the supply of military style gear to police. this comes after widespread criticism of scenes like this. police in ferguson, missouri using armored vehicles and military grade body armor to respond to protests last summer. the order prohibits the federal government from sending such equipment to local law enforcement agencies. >> militarized gear can sometimes give people a feeling like there's an occupying force as opposed to a force that's part of the community that's protecting them and serving them. >> the president made his announcement in camden new jersey where the crime rate has gone down as officers have changed how they interact with residents. the federal government will still provide some equipment such as drones with tighter restrictions. there are some new questions about whether an amtrak train was hit by an object minutes before the deadly derailment in philadelphia. the fbi says there is no evidence that a gun caused damage to the train's windshield. but it has
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not ruled out the possibility something else struck the engineer's cab. trains are rolling again at the site of tuesday's wreck. new speed controls are in effect on the section of track where the train barrelled around a curb. eight people were killed. more than 200 passengers were injured. it's the pass that lets you park anywhere. you won't believe how people are cheating the system to score one. >> some are calling this t-shirt a disgrace to our
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more on the developing news in the peninsula. authorities searching a san mateo neighborhood for a mountain lion. we're watching live pictures from chopper live. let's bring in ken bastida. you've been watching the search. what's been going on? >> really fascinating. this is san mateo. we're on 9th near south el camino real. it's a great neighborhood with a lot of backyards, a lot of trees and you've got to know a lot of good hiding places for a mountain lion. this all started a little bit earlier this morning at 4:30. somebody on their way to work saw a mountain lion and it was walking down the street. they called police. police came out, didn't find anything. a second call came in about 1:20 this afternoon and that's the area they're in right now. the
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department of fish and game has been called but we haven't seen any of those people on scene right now. just san mateo police heavily armed at that, going backyard to backyard searching, think of all the hiding places. a cat who is stealth by nature could hide in a neighborhood like this. they're taking their time going through these backyards where it was last spotted. so far doesn't look like they're having much luck. the only thing that witnesses told police was the cat did not appear to be aggressive was not predatory was just sort of roaming around the neighborhood and there were multiple sightings so they're pretty sure they know what they're looking for. we're going to keep an eye on it for chopper 5 and we'll report back as soon as anything changes. to catch a crook castro addition. watch as a crafty criminal uses a tree branch to try to fish out some mail from behind a security gate. despite all that effort, he doesn't get away with much.
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kpix 5's don ford reports it was all a setup. >> we're watching a video of someone stealing my mail. this is my stuff not his. >> reporter: doug mcbeth says he's had it. for the last few weeks several packages and mail have been stolen from his front porch. protected by an iron gate he could not figure out how the thief did it, until he installed this small camera that captured the video of the thief in action. >> pvc pipe. he finishes scooping out the rest of the packages and pulls them out through the tiny holes of the bottom of the gate. >> reporter: this time the thief didn't really get anything. doug set up decoy packages filled with foam pellets and bubble wrap. now postal inspectors have a good look at the suspect. neighbors say he also carries a knife. >> i saw the guy yesterday morning at 7 a.m. yeah. and he was cutting he had this big knife with a point and was cutting right there.
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>> reporter: which might make some sense. he first used a tree branch to reach for the decoy packages. >> call 911 immediately or call the postal inspectors. >> reporter: now there's a whole street on alert waiting for this thief to come back and try it again. in san francisco don ford, kpix 5. >> doug has posted the video on youtube so everyone in the neighborhood can see it and hopefully find the guy. berkeley is celebrating its first haul from the city's new soda tax. it brought in about $116,000 in the month of march. that tax is projected to generate $1.2 million in the first year. the tax adds a penny per ounce on sugar sweetened drinks. the revenue is intended for public health programs but the city is still working out exactly how it's going to be spent. a t-shirt tribute has turned in to a pr nightmare for sports apparel brand underarmor. the company is pulling this band
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of ballers shirt sh shows basketball players raising a hoop. complaints poured in. some on social media are calling it disgraceful. underarmor apologized saying the shirt was not reflective of its values in honoring and supporting the country's heroes. they're supposed to help people with health issues get to where they need to go. many disabled parking placards are falling in to the wrong hands. julie watts explains. >> reporter: lorraine burke doesn't leave home without her disabled parking permit but she worries she may soon have to. burke says every other april like clockwork she gets a replacement placard good for another two years. but not this year. >> it's at least six weeks late. >> reporter: and burke is not alone. >> i called people i knew who also had placards and they too said oh, my god that's right. we don't have them. >> i'm actually surprised to
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hear that somebody hasn't received it by now. >> reporter: dmv investigator calvin wu said the state sent out placards over a month ago. records show lorraine's was shipped march 25th. >> possible somebody stole it out of mailbox. >> reporter: and while they're investigating what happened to lorraine wu says the permits are a hot commodity and often fall in to the wrong hands. >> a placard like get out of jail free card where you can park anywhere you want. >> reporter: more than 2 million handicap placards have been issued in california this year. it's estimated one-quarter of the state's placards are used fraudulently. some were selling them on craigslist for $300 a pop and last week zachary wheldon was arrested for illegally using a placard here. he even convinced the city to paint a handicap space in front of his apartment. lorraine is wond ering if their
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missing placards may have somehow fallen in to the wrong hands. >> i don't know how they can live with their conscience. >> the good news is lorraine and her neighbors have received their placards after we contacted the dmv. the dmv said it does want to hear about cases of placard abuse. you can contact them. do remember some disabilities are not always apparent. it almost felt like june gloom started a little bit early. >> i've got a whole new wardrobe. >> this is strange. it's obviously a month early. we call it june gloom for a reason, the month of june. it has been june gloom for 17 straight days throughout the bay area. livermore, you're barely out of the 50s. san jose at 61. san bruno at 59. oakland at 60 degrees isn't that big of a
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deal but inland running 10 to 12 below average and that's been the case for the entire month. concord the past five days you've not hit 70. today the coldest of the five. 11 degrees below average. you should be 77. nowhere close. couple showers and thunderstorms nearby. many of you up toward clear lake dealt with thunderstorms. had a few bolts of lightning around ukiah three hours ago and still a few storms of folks trying to connect with i-5 taking interstate 505. there are heavier showers in that vicinity just because there's so much unstable air and low pressure around, the exact opposite of what we've had all winter long. tonight mild, vallejo 50. santa rosa 49. tomorrow another day with that rush of air from the ocean keeping us chilly. if you ever wanted to see what the opposite was, this is it. a huge ball of low pressure over the western third of the country. all this rainfall even if it's not falling here, filling many
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reservoirs in utah, colorado, arizona, nevada and far northern california. there's that huge trough of low pressure. there's now a blocking pattern of a different kind. it was a blocking pattern over the winter where a ridge of high pressure was over the west coast. now it's the opposite. high pressure way off to the west, the east. we're stuck with a trough of low pressure. there's no reason that i can see this pattern will change for at least the next seven days. where's our air coming from? it's coming from the pacific. the water is chilly. the air is chilly. your backyard is going to be chilly. marine air will continue to get shoved inland. a lot of morning cloud cover. fog and drizzle. temperatures away from the water will continue to be 8 to 12 degrees cooler than average. a little bit of warming this week. maybe two or three degrees. that's it. look at the numbers. concord 11 degrees below average. san jose, high of 67. sunnyvale, 64. hayward, 63 degrees. 67 in walnut creek. another chilly day for you.
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fairfield 67 and only 58 in san francisco. san rafael, your high 65. cloverdale, 65 degrees. what you'll have for the next four days,
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the next host of the late show gave wake forest graduates a send-off today. >> he was awarded an honorary doctorate along the way. that didn't stop him from teasing the grads. >> and you look amazing. although it's a little embarrassing you all showed up in the same outfit. really. even all the accessories are the same. everyone has a black and gold tassel. or is it blue and white? [ laughter ] >> colbert is said to take over the late show on cbs later on
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this year. there's three days left of the late show with david letterman. tonight's guests, jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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jamie wanted a taste of the real new orleans and we just couldn't say no to that face. then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 news room. new at 6:00 tonight, airport baggage handlers charged with conspiracy. the alleged scheme that could land them in prison and on the hook for millions. and we're continuing to keep an eye on a mountain lion spotted in a san mateo neighborhood. we'll have that story coming up.
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join us for those at 6:00. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the >> pelley: 170 b >> pelley: 170 bikers are arrested after the deadly shoot- out in waco. some could be charged with capital murder. also tonight, the f.b.i. determines whether the derailed amtrak train was hit by gunfire. luck runs out for two daredevils in what could be the most dangerous sport in the world and two sisters make a startling discovery that has changed their lives. >> the lightbulb went off and i had this big ah-ha oprah-style moment. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. this evening nearly 200 people are being held on murder-related charges. police provided the transportation for motorcycle


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